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MCTRL300 LED Display Controller

The MCTRL300 is an LED display controller developed by NovaStar. It supports 1x DVI input, 1x audio input, and 2xEthernet outputs. A single MCTRL300 supports input resolutions up to 1920×1200@60Hz.

The MCTRL300 communicates with PC via a type-B USB port. Multiple MCTRL300 units can be cascaded via the UART port.

As a highly cost-effective controller, the MCTRL300 can be mainly used in rental and fixed installation applications, such as live events, security monitoring centers, and various sports centers.

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The MCTRL300 is primarily used for device cascading. Up to 20 devices can cascade with Pixel level brightness and chroma calibration. Working with NovaLCT and NovaCLB, the controller supports brightness and chroma calibration on each LED, which can effectively remove color discrepancies and greatly improve LED display brightness and chroma consistency, allowing for better image quality.



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