Ovideon LLC
Creatively Innovative Solutions

Ovideon LLC manufactures, markets, and distributes Custom Interactive Digital Signage and Information Displays, unique products such as the InfoBAORD ultra-thin PC integrated freestanding or wall-mounted interactive displays, InfoTAB large size Android Tablets, HandySTAND UV hand sanitizer displays, and MagnaFlex flexible magnetic LED Video Tiles. In addition, Ovideon provides Custom Application Development, Custom Content Creation, Custom Management Tools, and Custom Analytics for Digital Signage as well as Custom Applications for Tablet based devices.

Ovideon operates under the following principles:

Reliability: Every Ovideon display is designed with reliability in mind. By implementing extensive quality control elements in the design and manufacture of our displays Ovideon is targeting the ultimate in customer satisfaction. The Ovideon Custom displays are designed to give the consumer continuous, trouble-free, operation for years to come.

Service: On the rare occasion that a display requires servicing, Ovideon is determined to provide the quickest, no-hassle, customer support on all of its products. If it breaks we will fix it.
Performance: Our dedication to continuous research ensures that Ovideon products will be offered with the latest technology. This dedication allows us to build creative and innovative products with great quality and industry-leading features.

Environment: Our commitment to environmental protection is a top priority. We will continue our efforts for environmentally friendly products, low/no pollution manufacturing, and the utilization of recyclable material in product development, manufacturing, and after-service processes.

The Ovideon Charter is based on providing creative and innovative products to address niche areas of the market. This fundamental business principle ensures that products made by Ovideon will be the latest in technology and specific to customer needs and applications.

If you would like to learn more about Ovideon LLC please contact us at [email protected]
or call us at 812-577-3274