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Ovideon MagnaFLEX Flexible LED Technology:

Ovideon MagnaFLEX technology represents the forefront of flexible direct-view LED display solutions. Designed to unleash creative potential and architectural freedom, MagnaFLEX tiles are engineered to bend, curve, and attach with ease to various surfaces, delivering not just a display, but an integral part of your space's design.

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Key Features of Ovideon MagnaFLEX Technology:

  • Adaptive Flexibility: MagnaFLEX tiles are crafted with a pliable substrate, allowing them to conform effortlessly to curves, corners, columns, and even fluid shapes, offering designers the flexibility to bring their most ambitious visions to life.
  • Magnetic Mounting: Installation is streamlined with the magnetic backing of each MagnaFLEX tile, providing a secure hold and the simplicity of repositioning tiles as needed. This magnetic attachment makes installations quicker, cleaner, and more intuitive.
  • Ultra-Light and Slim Construction: The lightweight nature of MagnaFLEX tiles means they can be implemented in a variety of settings without the need for heavy support structures, while their slim profile maintains the elegance of the space.
  • Seamless Appearance: The ability to flex means that MagnaFLEX tiles fit snugly against any surface, creating a continuous canvas for your content without gaps or disruptions.
  • Custom Layouts: With MagnaFLEX technology, the tiles can be customized to fit unique spaces, ensuring that every inch of your display area is utilized effectively.
  • Durability with Easy Maintenance: Engineered to be as resilient as they are flexible, MagnaFLEX tiles withstand the test of time and environments, indoor and out. Maintenance is a breeze with access from the front, making the upkeep of even the most complex installations manageable.

Advantages of Ovideon MagnaFLEX:

Ovideon MagnaFLEX tiles offer more than just a visually stunning display; they provide an innovative solution that integrates seamlessly into the fabric of any environment. Their magnetic, flexible nature allows for a display that can wrap around structural elements of buildings, making them an extension of the architecture itself.


The applications for Ovideon MagnaFLEX are as varied as the imagination allows – from retail storefronts that curve and flow to draw customers in, to immersive experiences in theaters and museums, and dynamic backdrops for television studios or corporate lobbies. The MagnaFLEX technology is not just about displaying content; it’s about creating an environment that interacts with and enhances the viewer's experience.

In essence, Ovideon MagnaFLEX is more than just a technology; it's a new canvas for creativity, an opportunity to break free from the flat and rigid constraints of traditional displays, and a chance to shape the future of visual storytelling.