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  • Creatively Innovative DVLED

    and LCD Display Solutions

  • Custom Interactive Digital Signage and DVLED/MicroLED Displays

    Ovideon LLC is a leading provider of innovative LCD and DVLED based digital signage and display solutions, offering a range of products designed to inform, educate, entertain, and enhance communication and customer engagement

  • Technology

    Ovideon specializes in various LED and LCD technologies, particularly in advanced DirectView LED Solutions.  
    These technologies represent the central focus of our manufacturing efforts, showcasing our commitment to innovation and quality in display technologies.

  • In today's dynamic landscape, companies, hotels, hospitals, schools, higher education institutions, and entertainment venues are all recognizing the power of digital signage and interactive displays to connect with their audiences. By strategically positioning standard or interactive displays and kiosks, organizations can effectively promote products or services, inform, educate, entertain, and engage customers with compelling messaging and experiences. Let's explore how Ovideon DV LED, Armored Displays and Kiosk technologies are leveraged across various sectors.

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Core Principles

Ovideon's business philosophy is rooted in providing creative and innovative products that address niche market needs. This fundamental principle drives the company to develop cutting-edge solutions tailored to specific customer requirements and applications.  Our Core Principles Are:


Ovideon prioritizes reliability in every aspect of its products. Through rigorous quality control measures during design and manufacturing, Ovideon ensures its displays deliver continuous, trouble-free operation for years, aiming for ultimate customer satisfaction.


In the rare event that servicing is needed, Ovideon is committed to providing prompt, hassle-free customer support. The company stands behind its products with a dedication to quick resolution and excellent service.


Ovideon's dedication to continuous research ensures its products incorporate the latest technological advancements. This commitment enables the development of creative, innovative products with superior quality and industry-leading features.


Environmental protection is a top priority for Ovideon. Ovideon is dedicated to producing environmentally friendly products, minimizing pollution during manufacturing, and utilizing recyclable materials throughout the product lifecycle, including after-service processes.

  • Digital Content Creation and Distribution Services Available

  • Digital content creation is at the core of Our Digital Signage Software platform, which has been a leader in the digital signage space since its inception. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Our Digital Signage Software provides best-in-class capabilities and service to businesses across various markets.

  • From content creation and management tools to distribution, analytics, and support, we provide comprehensive solutions to help you make the most of your digital signage investment. Whether you're looking to engage customers in retail environments, streamline communication in corporate settings, or enhance the guest experience in hospitality, Ovideon has the expertise and resources to meet your needs. Contact us today to discover the power of interactive communication in your industry.

  • To learn more about Ovideon LLC and its innovative solutions, please contact the customer service team at [email protected]. Experience the latest in digital signage and display technology with Ovideon.